Some mockups I designed with love

Year, 2018


I quickly designed a site that highlights interior designers with an e-commerce part. The website is composed by a magazine and an e-shop.



For the e-commerce page, I tried to put constraints on myself. For a target of high-end users, it was necessary that the page remains clean while having the necessary information.

The difficulty lies in the fact that it is an e-commerce site while highlighting the products in an aesthetic way. So I used a masonry grid to stay visual :

> The menu on the left highlights the category in which one is, a reminder of the category is at the top to link the left part with the right part.

> Always in a visual way, filters are present to refine the display of the products. It’s possible to scroll horizontally to find more filters.

> It’s possible to filter vertically to see more products. These scrolls are intuitive by formatting (cut, transparency) and they evoke discovery and exploration.

> On the left is a customer review in order to reassure the user and convince him to buy.

> In a subtle and secondary way, the sharing elements and e-commerce features are positioned discreetly on the right and on the top.


The main goal is that he wants to discover the products and understands that he is on an e-commerce page.