Mar 19, 2017

Discover Swenson Vol.1


Swenson Magazine is a printed magazine in high-quality in France. Kevin Le Goff and Charles Foucault wanted to create something unique, personal interviews of athletes and tech entrepreneurs guided by intuition, passion and lifestyle.

At the time where information is fast-consumed on digital platform, Swenson Magazine permits to take the time to discover inspiring stories, interesting portraits and beautiful photos (it’s good for happiness).

For sure, your creativity will be boost and your way of thinking about entrepreneurship will be different.


« I like to think than hapiness comes from sobriety, rather than simplicity. » Léa Brassy.


That the sentence I keep in mind after read Swenson Magazine.

Surfing is Lea’s passion. She is constantly on the lookout for the ideal moment, at home or on a journey, to embark on a wave and surf. Her lifestyle reflects this quest and she lives in an old van that belonged to her grandfather. It is her only point of attachment since she became an adult, and it serves as a refuge in her search for the next secret break.


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